Goodbye, one-size-fits-all.
Hello, mission-specific.

Derive Automotive Platform

Uniting software, hardware, and third-party technologies to give owners and drivers the tools to make their vehicles fit for their specific uses.
The Derive Automotive Platform turns unique preferences into personalized automotive experiences.

Vehicle Optimization

Derive upgrades your vehicle’s software to deliver the best for every way you use your vehicle.

Prevent accidents by dynamically capping top speed. Improve fuel efficiency by reducing idle RPM.

Give your vehicle the features on your wish list, today.


Derive VQ ®

Packed with 4G LTE for the fastest data connection, Bluetooth for seamless connection with apps, and more, Derive VQ ® connects your vehicle with the digital world.

Create telematics insights such as driver scorecards, crash detection, and compliance management. Then benefit from active adjustments such as dynamic speed governors,and torque management.

So small you hardly see it.
So powerful you immediately see its effect.

Third-party technology

The Derive Automotive Platform connects with information from your vehicle, external data sources, integrations with mobile apps, and external sensors to deliver unprecedented, intelligent solutions.


Incorporating external information into the vehicle turns traditional driving into intelligent maneuvering through our connected world.

Always be safe with vehicle speed dynamically limited according to the posted speed limit and traffic level.


Connecting vehicles with the apps that make us productive multiplies their power to make our lives richer and more unified.

Simplify fleet tracking by pairing drivers to their vehicles and automatically logging mileage and location through smartphone apps.

Hardware & sensors

Embedding contextual information from enhanced-driving sensors and hardware creates smarter vehicle responses.

Track the location of GPS-enabled vehicles to determine on-the-job time and activate location-dependent performance features.

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