Seminole County Sheriff Cuts Costs with Derive Systems’ Optimized Engine Calibration.

Mar 16th, 2016

law-enforcementSeminole County is one of the fastest growing counties in Florida. Its sheriff’s department now employs nearly 1,200 full-time workers and faces the mounting challenge of meeting the demands of an expanding population without breaking their budget. To contain costs while maintaining a high level of performance and preparedness, Chief Donald Eslinger and his fleet manager have turned to Derive Systems. Together, they’ve implemented a pilot program to trim fuel costs using optimized engine software to specifically target idle fuel consumption.

The pilot used Derive’s patented handheld programming device to optimize the engine’s generic fuel consumption software in three of their Ford Explorers and three of their Ford F-150s. After logging a minimum of 4,000 miles each, fuel consumption was measured against existing benchmarks. The results were impressive.

Seminole County’s Ford Explorers and F-150s saw a more than 15% savings in fuel consumption. And the K-9 Ford Explorer clocked in at an 18.8% improvement.

“Derive’s idle fuel reduction technology has proven its worth in ensuring that our vehicles consume far less fuel each day,” Eslinger said. “ But more importantly, our vehicles can still meet all the mission needs of our officers and our K9 units.”

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