Sears In Home Services partners with SCT Fleet Solutions to Increase Fleet Safety & Go Greener!

Aug 1st, 2011

sears-logoSanford, Florida – August 1, 2011: Sears In Home Services, a division of Sears Holding Corporation has partnered with SCT Fleet Solutions, a leading provider of fleet solutions to increase the safety and fuel economy of their 4,500+ vehicle fleet.


“During their 6 week test trial with us, Sears averaged an impressive 10.5% increase in the fuel economy of their Ford E-Series vans.” explained Dan Muhlbach, Fleet Operations Project Manager for SCT. “…but honestly, for Sears, it wasn’t just about the fuel savings, it was more about improving the safety of their fleet”, he continued. “Sears is a very safety conscience company that was primarily interested in our solutions to improve the safety of their fleet, the fuel savings was just an added bonus. Our solutions appealed to them because we modify the behavior of the driver through technology and transfer accountability from the driver to the vehicle. The end result is a safer driver & safer fleet of vehicles.” Muhlbach explained.

Using proprietary software technology, SCT Fleet Solutions optimizes the fleet vehicle’s engine management system for maximum safety & fuel efficiency. This optimization process allows SCT to set a maximum top speed (speed limiter – top speed defined by the fleet manager) for the vehicle, adjust the vehicle’s engine RPM’s (when idling & cruising), and modifies the vehicle’s shift patterns to reduce fuel consumption.

“We are very excited about working with Sears. They have been a household name as far back as I can remember.” said Rick Trudo, President / CEO of SCT Fleet Solutions. “Over 2,500 Sears vehicles have already been equipped with SCT’s fleet solutions, and the remaining 2,000+ vehicle’s will be equipped within the next few months.” he stated. “With gas prices spiking to over $3.75 gallon, rising fuel costs are hurting businesses nation wide. Some are simply passing that cost onto the consumer / their customers, but others like Sears are taking the lead and turning to technology companies like SCT to help reduce their operating costs”, Trudo explained. “It’s the best of both worlds for fleets. Their fleets are safer, they get a solution that only takes minutes to install and the product pays for itself within months. It’s a win / win.” he concluded.