SCT Fleet Solutions helps DISH Network Save

Mar 7th, 2014

m-dish-lead-1_226x152DISH Network’s fleet consists of around 4,700 vehicles. They are primarily GM cargo vans (85%) and heavy-duty pickups used in off-road or heavy snow conditions (15%). They average about 30 vehicles per location and have the ability to get to any driveway in the USA. This month’s Fleet Financials cover story outlines how SCT has helped save DISH $2 million in fuel costs while increasing safety. Below are some highlights from the article.

Fleet and Administration Manager Abe Stephenson explains the importance of fuel economy:

“Typically, we look at fuel economy as the primary purchase reason. The primary budget line for us is fuel, so we’ll make decisions about vehicles based on small differences in fuel economy, which is usually the decision point,” he said. “Quite frankly, the OEMs historically have given us very similar choices. It is economics; we do look at maintenance and lifecycle cost, but it really has been fuel that has flipped the decision either way.”

How SCT has helped DISH save money:

One of the outside partners DISH has turned to help become sustainable is SCT Fleet Solutions, which has helped reduce fuel consumption and emissions. According to SCT, it has helped increase DISH’s fuel efficency by more than 7 percent.

Another way the DISH fleet has both reduced its carbon footprint and improved its bottom line has been by carefully calibrating the fleet vehicles’ engines, reducing idling, and controlling fuel usage, which has saved the fleet $2 million in fuel spend or the equivalent of removing about 300 vans from the fleet.

Stephenson mentions SCT Fleet Solutions’ Speed Limiters and how they increase safety:

“I look at what has helped driver safety over the years, such as seat belts and air bags. They have done a lot more for driver safety than educating how to drive correctly,” Stephenson added. “We’ve put top speed limiters on our vehicles, we’re investigating right now pretty deep some collision avoidance systems, such as lane departure warnings and forward collision avoidance systems.”

SCT Fleet Solutions help achieve sustainability goals:

Stephenson and Nickelson have developed strong ties with fleet stakeholders at every level. Stephenson serves on the GE Capital Fleet Services’ Client Advisory Board, Leggett & Platt has been a key partner in the company’s branding efforts, and SCT Fleet Solutions has helped the fleet realize some of its sustainability goals.

You can read the full article here.