SCT Fleet named Food Logistics Top Green Provider for 2014

Jul 15th, 2014

SCT Fleet Solutions was recognized for its leading technology that delivers fuel savings and improves fleet safety. The Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers list focuses on companies driving sustainable logistics in the global food supply chain.

“Our technology improves fuel economy and safety, which translate in to measurable benefits for food and beverage shippers,” said Justin Oltz, V.P. at SCT Fleet Solutions. “Speed and idle RPM limiters reduce a vehicle’s average fuel consumption by up 12% annually and maximize safety.”

Don’t just take our word for it. Jim Fox from SuddenLink Communications has seen real fuel savings — up to $500,000 annually on his fleet.

“We spend about $5 million a year in fuel, we achieve between 5% and 10% savings in our fuel costs per year using SCT. SCT’s services have been excellent, we have valued our partnership, not only from the purchase process, but to the support to roll out to after the fact they’ve been a great partner of ours.”

How much can your fleet save on fuel? Reach out to SCT Fleet for a complimentary fleet assessment.