White Papers

  • A New Telematics Model:

    The future of telematics and active vehicle management means relying on the vehicle itself to improve fleet performance rather than on drivers adjusting their habits using after-the-fact-data.

  • Boost Your Fleet's Fuel Efficiency with Engine Calibrations:

    This paper details how engine calibration technology works and how fleets can safely optimize engine fuel use for improved efficiency and cost savings.

Case Studies

Solution Sheets

  • Derive VQ Active Telematics™ Solutions:

    By leveraging our active vehicle management telematics technology, Derive VQ delivers upgrades to vehicle safety, performance and fuel efficiency. Now, fleets can experience benefits sooner rather than later and without impacting the vehicle warranty or driver behavior.

  • Derive Law Enforcement Solutions:

    Oftentimes fuel efficiency upgrades lead to decreased performance - not with Derive. We optimize fuel use in idle while improving power in pursuit mode. Here’s how.

  • Derive Fuel Savings Solutions:

    An in-depth piece covering the benefits of engine optimization and what can be achieved by modifying torque, shift patterns and other vehicle performance parameters to meet mission-specific vehicle needs.

Media Kit

  • Brand Guidelines:

    Guidelines for Derive Systems brand and product logo use. Includes color palette direction, spacing requirements and both print and digital usage rules.

  • Logos:

    Logo files for Derive Systems communication and product. Zip file downloads EPS and PNG logo files that are in line with brand guidelines.