Smart Idle Software Reduces Idling and Saves

Mar 31st, 2015

Does your fleet idle multiple hours a day?

Are you looking for a smart solution to easily and affordably reduce idling, save on fuel and lower emissions?

Lower Idle Levels

Look no further. At Derive Efficiency we offer a Smart Idle technology. We lower idle levels by up to 30%, which allows fleets to continue running their engine but at a lower revolution per minute. It’s a simple solution that requires no hardware or physical footprint. We simply fine tune the engine software of your fleet vehicle and reduce idle levels.

Derive spoke about Smart Idle software at the FL Association of Government Fleet Administrators (FLAGFA) conference.

The key takeaways:

  1. Recognize each fleet is unique and has specific needs.
  2. Some fleets need to idle while others can go into full engine shutdown.
  3. Smart idle is a simple way to lower idle levels up to 30% while still allowing the engine to run for mission critical / emergency situations.
  4. Smart Idle directly impacts your bottom line – reduces fuel costs, maintenance costs and carbon emissions

Learn more about how the North Carolina Department of Transportation and City of Lakeland is benefiting from Smart Idle.

Review the FLAGFA presentation here – Smart Idle Software.

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