Modern Plumbing Industries Inc partners with SCT Fleet Solutions

Dec 6th, 2013

modern-plumbing-industries-inc_190x120Modern Plumbing Industries Inc, a professional plumbing provider and longtime advocate for the environment recently found a new way to increase efficiency within their operation. By partnering with SCT Fleet Solutions technology, Modern Plumbing has successfully reduced their company vehicles’ top speed and idle rpm decreasing their fuel consumption while helping reduce harmful emissions.


“We are constantly looking at proven methods and technology to help us reduce costs to our customers while improving the environment for future generations” – Charles Bracco said. “It’s not enough to talk about it, actions drive results.”

With the growing cost of fuel on the minds of many, businesses and consumers are constantly looking for low cost ways to increase fuel economy. Some easy changes that can be made are:

  • Check your tire pressure regularly
  • Reduce unnecessary weight in your vehicle
  • Keep vehicle health by following the scheduled maintenance
  • Avoid speeding above the posted speeds

SCT’s proven technology has been helping customers and businesses reduce fuel consumption since 2003. A combined experience of 450,000+ vehicles allows SCT to help take the guess work out of efficiently using vehicles.