The essentials

What does Derive Systems do?

Derive Systems is a software provider that connects vehicles and their engines to the digital world. We enable people to better control and optimize the way vehicles behave.

Our software rests on a unique ability to write to vehicles’ control modules, resulting in their ability to automatically adapt based on individual needs, preferences and conditions.

With nearly two million vehicles already running Derive software, we deliver the confidence of a trusted solution and the power to unlock the potential of the connected engine.

What are the differences between Derive, SCT, and Bully Dog?
Derive Systems’ SCT and Bully Dog brands offer products tailored to the enthusiast car, light duty, and heavy duty truck market segments. Derive leverages the same technologies to provide solutions for fleets and consumers.
How do I know that your solutions are safe?
With nearly two million software installations deployed to vehicles on the road today, Derive has become the single most trusted provider in vehicle optimizations. Our solutions have been trusted by some of the nation’s top private and public organizations and countless police departments and municipalities across the nation.
Is your technology approved by the EPA?
Yes, our products are compliant with EPA regulations and we strive to ensure that our industry and our customers abide by the Clean Air Act.

The contacts

Where can I access a media kit with brand guidelines and logos?
Our media kit can be accessed and downloaded from our Resources page.
How do I apply for a job at Derive Systems?
We look forward to hearing from you. Please visit our Careers page.
How do I contact Media Relations for interviews, news, press releases and more?
Please contact
How do I partner with Derive or its brands for sponsorship opportunities?
Contact our marketing team at
Where can I learn more about your SCT and Bully Dog products?
Our SCT and Bully Dog websites have plenty of information. If you still have questions, contact us and we will respond to your questions.

The basics

Who is on the Board of Directors?
Derive Systems’ strategy and growth is supported by its board, led by the Global Environment Fund (GEF). GEF is a global alternative asset manager established in 1990 that has grown into one of the leading investment firms dedicated to the energy, environmental, and natural resources sectors.