VQ Efficiency

Make your vehicles
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Improve fuel efficiency,
Improve Your Bottom Line.
Leveraging calibrations to modify a vehicle's engine parameters improves fuel efficiency, decreases fuel costs, and limits dangerous driver behavior. Infusing calibration capabilities into the Derive VQ® fleet management system, allows fleet managers to customize any vehicle with automated idle management, eco adjustments, and speed governing.
Idle Reduction
Idle Reduction

Reduce fuel costs

Idle Reduction

Idling is one of the worst fuel-wasting activities for a fleet, wasting as much as 0.25-0.50 gallons/hour, depending on the size of the engine. Implementing Idle Reduction Management significantly limits or eliminates these costs by relying on the vehicle to manage idling rather than the driver.
Idle Reduction
Idle Reduction

"Green" your operation

Eco Adjustment

Adjusting the parameters of a vehicle’s engine to minimize fuel waste during vehicle acceleration reduces redline shifting and engine wear and tear. Drivers will experience a smoother driving experience and fleet managers no longer have to modify driver’s acceleration throttle response control.
Idle Reduction
Idle Reduction

Increase driver safety

Speed Governor

Speed governing can restrict maximum speed to the limit mandated by a fleet’s policy. By relying on the vehicle to manage speed, drivers are no longer put in a position where their driving habits can affect the safety of themselves and other passengers on the road or the efficiency of the vehicle.

VQ Efficiency Full Features

By combining the power of telematics, calibrations, and AVM, you have complete visibility into your fleet's operations and automated optimizations take the guesswork out of data analysis. Take control of your fleet by selecting the right technology mix and maximizing the results:

  1. Decrease fuel costs
  2. Improve fuel efficiency
  3. One-time touch on the vehicle

How it Works

Tuning your vehicle's engine parameters

The Derive team conducts a 3-step approach to tailor vehicle performance to your fleet’s specific mission.

Identify and calculate all the factors that contribute to your vehicle’s performance.


Create and load custom calibrations onto device to install in the engine’s computer.


Implement your vehicle’s calibration settings and can even install speed limiters.


Engine calibrations are a way to customize the vehicles in your fleet to make them work in the most effective way possible.

  • Fuel Efficiency
    Fuel Efficiency

    After implementing engine calibrations, most fleets experience a fuel cost savings of 6-12%.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Limiting vehicle speed can help minimize risky driver behavior and help ensure your vehicles and drivers are safe.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Fleet vehicles are not one-size-fits-all. By making specific alterations you can make your vehicles conducive to their required use.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    From unlocking horsepower and torque to adjusting throttle sensitivity, and changing the vehicles shifting points, you can make your vehicles more productive.

Derive VQ® Platform

Customize Your Fleet
Management Solutions

As a fully customizable platform, with Derive VQ® you can build a tailored fleet management software solution designed to meet any of your fleet and company goals.
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