Customer testimonials

Our customers derive substantial benefits from Derive solutions,
even beyond the performance improvements themselves.



Port St. Lucie Police

"A lot of our officers don’t even know it’s in their car. They just get in and know it performs better. Installation process is simple: it takes 15-20 minutes to do. You just read the screen and install it.
It’s simple and good to go."

Opportunity: Reduce fuel usage during idle and improve overall fuel economy.

Solution: Right-sized RPM levels both while idling and while cruising, along with improved general vehicle performance.

Result: Since implementation, vehicles in the pilot group have seen an almost 12 percent reduction in idle fuel consumption as well as a more than 11 percent decrease in total spending on fuel.

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Canaveral Port Authority

"Right now, they’re just driving the way they want to, and they’ll continue to drive that way except they’ll be limited to what I set the speed limit at. As easy as [installation] is,
we can have anybody do it."

Opportunity: Modify the top speed limiter on the fleet of 105 vehicles and equipment.

Solution: Delivered custom speed governors.

Result: Eliminated speeding incidents and enjoyed an estimated savings of $200 per year per vehicle.

City of Lakeland

“We have been using Derive’s [software] for three years now. Cleaning up the throttle response on our pursuit vehicles makes [our officers] happier. And the byproduct is a lower idle, which reduces fuel consumption, so everybody’s pretty happy.”

Opportunity: Reduce fuel usage during idle periods for City of Lakeland patrol cars.

Solution: A custom solution that lowered idle RPM to reduce fuel consumption and that made throttle response more appropriate for the needs of patrol cars.

Result: Cleaned up factory throttle response, replacing lag of generic off the line acceleration with crisp and more immediate pick-up.



"Dish Network reduced its carbon footprint and improved its bottom line by carefully calibrating the fleet vehicles’ engines, reducing idling, and controlling fuel usage, which has saved the fleet $2 million in fuel spend."

Dish Logo

Opportunity: Reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of Dish’s 4,700 fleet vehicles.

Solution: A custom solution included speed governors, improvement fuel management both during idle and cruising, and proper acceleration response.

Result: Annual savings of $2 million in fuel expense and $1.5 million in maintenance. Prevented over 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing 1,680 cars from the road annually.


"Anytime you can gain fuel efficiencies, enhance safety and help the environment – without adding parts – you have a great program."

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Opportunity: Improve productivity and reduce expenses, with applications across 269 vehicles and in environments ranging from the Texas summer to the North Dakota winter.

Solution: Vehicles were calibrated to the requirements of actual use, with intended fuel savings and safety benefits expected both while vehicles were idling and were driving in highway situations.

Result: Fuel savings between 7% and 8%, preventing approximately $70,000 fuel expense per year at $2.50 per gallon.
Download the case study here

American Residential Services (ARS)

"On the portion of the fleet that was [upgraded] with Derive, we are expecting the fuel savings to be $800,000 conservatively speaking, which computes to 5-7% of our fuel expense. It’s environmentally responsible and it’s a great benefit to our team as far as safety goes."

Opportunity: ARS sought a solution that improved the fuel usage of their 3,500-vehicle fleet, delivered greater safety, and helped them to meet their corporate sustainability goals.

Solution: A custom software solution implemented speed limiters, reduced fuel usage during idling, and optimized power and acceleration response.

Result: Annual saving of $800,000, a 7% improvement over non-optimized performance