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Shift the responsibility for improved fleet performance from the driver to the vehicle.

Advanced fleet solutions

Fleet managers must control multiple elements of vehicle operations. Derive’s technology provides solutions for four common fleet management challenges.


    Mitigate or eliminate unsafe vehicle operations, including harsh acceleration, speeding, and out of shift operations.


    Reduce costs associated with fuel consumption by tailoring shift points for more conservative driving, reducing idle RPM, and adding an automatic idle shutoff.


    Optimize fleet productivity by implementing driver-specific operations settings and uniting fleet management with workforce management systems.


    Proactively identify diagnostic trouble codes and maintenance needs to extend the life of the fleet. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improved fuel use.


Derive Active Telematics

Transform your telematics insights into an active, intelligent fleet solution. Derive both upgrades your vehicles so their performance matches their missions and provides vehicle usage insights on a management dashboard. We guarantee that you achieve the results you require.

  • The Derive VQ device plugs into the OBD-II port to deliver vehicle upgrades using Derive’s software. Fully customizable, the solution is designed for your fleet and works with co-installed telematics providers or Derive’s own Mission Control.

  • Derive's dashboards provide the insights you need to manage your fleet and in turn, improve your Derive VQ upgrades. Derive Mission Control presents the important data you need, giving you the tools to manage your fleet in real-time.

How We Do It

Where most telematics solutions only provide insights, Derive delivers actions.

Vehicle Optimizations

We use our years of automotive technology experience to craft proprietary software optimizations that transform operations through both the vehicle control systems themselves and by pairing with a driver’s smartphone.


    Refit the idle profile to enjoy more efficient fuel usage.


    Prevent speeding to automatically make drivers safer.


    Control acceleration and power to fit your fleet’s requirements.


    Implement driver-specific settings to ensure compliant operations.

Dashboard Insights

Derive Mission Control captures fleet performance data, providing insights that are useful in daily operations and that improve the active upgrades.

  • Always know where your vehicles are being operated. Track specific performance insights by vehicle and by driver for full transparency into fleet use.

  • Collect historical and real-time fleet performance insights into a dashboard to monitor operations and feed back into Derive’s vehicle optimizations.

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Derive's ability to both write directly into vehicle control systems and read vehicle usage data provides an unmatched solution for fleet managers to save fuel and operations costs, improve performance, and gain insight into fleet usage.

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