Solutions in Action

Fleet managers across multiple industries trust Derive to deliver the safety, efficiency,
and performance they require for their vehicles' specific missions.

Building Services

General field services

Service vehicles travel short distances on heavily trafficked roads, making short trips between multiple customer stops.

Derive empowers fleet managers to keep acceleration conservative and tailor the route being driven to the current environment.

Telecom Worker

Utilities and Telecommunications

Upfitted vehicles require proper electricity to power aftermarket equipment. They see a variety of driving conditions throughout the day, whether servicing telecom or electricity sectors.

Derive solutions can provide the power to deliver on a vehicle’s mission without over-taxing fuel usage.

Gas Station

Oil & gas field services

Field service trucks log tough miles over rugged roads, often in extreme weather conditions. Safety is paramount while operating near oil and gas lines.

Derive ensures a safe work environment throughout the seasons, for both drivers and nearby field workers.

Construction Site


Vehicles that service construction sites often carry heavy payloads. Intelligent idling gets the job done while lowering operating costs.

Derive optimizes power when payloads require it, while continually saving fuel through idle settings.

Police Car

Government and law enforcement

Police vehicles idle 6-8 hours of a typical 12-hour shift, and they require faster acceleration than the average car to fulfill their duties.

Derive improves the driving experience for the officer while decreasing costs for the fleet manager.

And more

Derive can adjust hundreds of vehicle parameters to create customized, optimized solutions for your unique situation. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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