Bill May, Port St. Lucie Police Department

Opportunity: Reduce idle reduction and gain fuel economy.

Solution: Adjusting idle RPM levels while idling and cruising along with vehicle performance.

Result: A lot of our officers don’t even know it’s in their car. They just get in and know it performs better. Installation process is simple, takes 15-20 minutes to do you just read the screen to install it. It’s simple and good to go.

Brian Carroll, Canaveral Port Authority

Opportunity: Modify top speed limiter on our fleet of 105 vehicle plus equipment.

Solution: Primary focus on custom speed-limiting and improving safety. 

Result: Our fleet drivers drive the way they want and will continue to drive the way they want, but will be limited with Derive Efficiency’s Speed-limiting technology.

Dish Network

Dish Network

Opportunity: Reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of Dish’s 4,700 fleet vehicles

Solution: A custom solution including speed limiters, reducing idle levels while idling and cruising and improved throttle response

Result: $2 million in fuel savings. $1.5 million in maintenance savings. Over 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions saved, equivalent to removing 1,680 cars from the road annually.

"Dish Network reduced its carbon footprint and improved its bottom line by carefully calibrating the fleet vehicles’ engines, reducing idling, and controlling fuel usage, which has saved the fleet $2 million in fuel spend or the equivalent of removing about 300 vans from the fleet.”

Dish Network

Gary McLean, City of Lakeland

Opportunity: Idle reduction for City of Lakeland patrol cars.

Solution: Lowering Idle RPM that reduces fuel consumption and clean up factory throttle response.

Result: Derive cleans up factory lag, throttle response is crisp and more immediate. We have been using Derive’s tunes for three years now. Derive’s technology has cleaned up our pursuit vehicles throttle response which makes everyone pretty happy.



Opportunity: Sears was looking for a way to not only improve the fuel savings of their 4,500 vehicle fleet but also improve safety

Solution: Modified the top speed limiters and adjusted the idle RPM levels while idling and cruising. The speed limiters improved safety.

Result: Savings of up to 10.5% in fuel on their Ford E-Series vans

Del-Air Heating & Air Conditioning

Opportunity: Increase miles per gallon, decrease fuel and mandate safety for their fleet of 500 vehicles.

Solution: Added top speed limiters and adjusted the idle RPM levels while idling and cruising.

Result: Fuel savings of up to 14%. Saved the fleet manager time on exception reports for speeding. Cut down on rear end accidents.

"There were no parts to bolt or add on and no downtime. It's a very simple upgrade, which makes it even better. You don't have to take a vehicle out of service to do it. We realized a 10-14% fuel economy improvement with Derive Efficiency."

Bob Adamsky, Del-Air

American Residential Services (ARS)

Opportunity: ARS was looking to do the right thing and improve their fleet vehicle’s fuel savings, safety and help meet their corporate sustainability efforts.

Solution: A custom software solution was provided implementing speed limiters, idle reduction and optimized torque and throttle.

Result: Expecting a annual saving $800,000 with an up to 7% fuel savings.

“On the portion of the fleet that was flashed with Derive Efficiency, we are expecting the fuel savings to be $800,000 conservatively speaking.”

Kevin O’Donnell, American Residential Services

United Water Restoration

Challenge: Overcome the fuel costs, speeding and safety problems that their fleet of 75 vehicles faced.

Solution: Derive Efficiency was easy to work with customizing a solution including speed limiters, idle RPM levels and performance.

Result: A 2 MPG gain on vehicles, which resulted in substantial fuel savings and the speed limiters have improved safety.

“The drivers say it works really well. It seems to improves the performance of the vehicle as well as the fuel mileage,”

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