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Derive Efficiency

Eliminate speeding tickets, aggressive driving, accidents and complaints by installing a maximum speed limiter on your vehicles with Derive technology.

Derive Efficiency's speed limiters allow you to set a vehicle's speed limit by modifying the car or truck's factory electronic control module setting. We can change your vehicle's maximum road speed to any MPH required, or even turn a limiter off.

Our solution works by digitally programming your vehicle through the OBD II port. Once the calibration process is complete, there are not any external devices or modules required. Use our hand-held programmer through the OBD II diagnostic port for installation. Other solutions modify or chip your car. The Derive solution keeps the vehicle warranty intact and actually improves vehicle lifespan. Applications available for diesel or gas cars and trucks.

Derive's Fleet Solutions save you money by increasing the fuel economy of your vehicles. We use advanced tuning programs to customize your vehicles to match the exact needs of your fleet. Your vehicle comes programmed from the factory with hundreds of calibration parameters. Now you can customize them to your unique needs. 

Our Solutions Include:

Limiting top speeds

Improving safety

Maintaining your warranty

Increasing the engine lifespan

Limiting acceleration and max RPMs

Derive helps you maximize the safety, performance, and fuel efficiency of your fleet vehicles. Sign up to learn how Derive can customize a solution to meet the needs of your vehicle fleet.

We have speed control and performance solutions for GM/Chevy and Ford/Lincoln vehicles.

Derive works with semi trucks and big rigs including Class 7 and 8 trucks by Cummins, Caterpillar, and Detroit Diesel.


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