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Derive Efficiency

Testing Commitment: Derive is firmly committed to ensuring that our calibrations deliver optimal performance while never sacrificing emissions quality. To this end, we work hand-in-hand with industry leaders like WVU's CAFEE Lab, ATDS Laboratories, and SEMA to test our calibration and ensure EPA compliance. Check out a brief excerpt from our most recent Cummins ISX test.

Summary: West Virginia University CAFEE, a respected authority on emissions testing, developed an emission testing program to assess the exhaust emission impacts from the use of an aftermarket engine control unit (ECU) software or tuner on heavy-duty trucks.

The objective of the emission testing program with regard to the subject vehicle was to conduct laboratory-grade emission testing for a Heavy Duty (HD) diesel truck engine to assess, compare and report the exhaust criteria and GHG emission results of the HD diesel vehicle before and after the use of Bully Dog software based on vehicle chassis dynamometer testing. The testing program was conducted in a "reasonable basis" according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s Mobile Source Enforcement Memorandum No. 1A June 1974 as well as 40 CFR part 86 protocol to demonstrate compliance with emission standards. (See Appendix B). The emission test program was designed to meet the "reasonable basis" requirements of EPA aftermarket products compliance for exhaust criteria gaseous (CO, HC and NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions.

This report presents and discusses the emission test results for the engine in question, a Cummins 2014 ISX-15L with 450 Horsepower. The report provides assessment of emissions levels associated with the Derive Efficiency calibration referenced herein. This report finds that there is a reasonable basis to conclude that the Derive Efficiency calibration referenced in this report is compliant with EPA aftermarket emissions standards.


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