You're unique.
Your car
can be too.

Empower your car with personalized
upgrades that give you complete control.

Reinvented car experiences

Enjoy safer and more intelligent driving with a trusted, simple solution.

Dynamic speed limiting
Dynamic speed limiting

Keep your speed within the posted limit by paring your location with highway safety data.
As the limit decreases, your car slows down.

Seat-belt dependent start
Seat-belt dependent start

Require that drivers and passengers fasten
their seatbelts before the car will start.
Yes, driving safely and saving lives can be this easy.

And more
And more…

Text disablement that cannot be bypassed.
GPS tracking with location-specific operations.
Maintenance alerts before the warning light appears.

Turning teen drivers
into safe drivers

Solutions in action


Ride-sharing and

For drivers, enjoy lower fuel expenses. For passengers, improve the pick-up experience by flashing headlights from the app. For companies, create as secure a trip as possible by setting safety controls universally for all drivers.

Senior drivers

Senior drivers

Empower senior drivers to safely maintain their independence on the road. Enable geo-fencing to control where a car may go and safely cap vehicle speed. Embed voice-activated turn-by-turn routing to assist when in unfamiliar locations.

Enhanced intelligence

Enhanced intelligence

Bring external intelligence inside to make driving a fully information-led experience. Optimize drivability based on driver preferences, real-time location, and current weather. Use third-party sensors and cameras to activate responses to the environment.