Upgrading the Service Vehicle: A More Fuel Efficient, Safe, and Intelligent Ride

Hi! I’m the Service Vehicle.

When something goes wrong in your home, like a broken dryer or dishwasher, who do you call? Maintenance technicians, of course! They’re repair pros who keep homes, offices, businesses and everywhere in between running smoothly. Whether they’re unclogging the sink, fixing the A/C or wiring your house for cable TV, they rely on their vehicles to bring along the equipment they need to do the job.

Service vehicles are specially outfitted to carry tools that get the job done. For instance, a landscaper has to have room to load and lock down large lawn equipment and a telecom provider needs space to attach ladders and secure coiled cables. All these customizations are done to fit a vehicle’s specific use and are installed by a professional “upfitter” after the vehicles leave the manufacturer.

Derive believes that vehicle personalization should extend beyond physical equipment to the technology of the vehicle’s operating system. The vehicle’s systems, from its engine to its transmission to its safety features, should perform uniquely to meet its unique needs.

Here are a few examples of how Derive is optimizing fleets so that service vehicles like me can operate more efficiently:

Fuel savings

Service vehicles usually travel only short distances on heavily trafficked roads, making many trips between customer stops—it’s what we do, everyday. In fact, up to half our shift is spent driving between stops. With this in mind, Derive crafted a balanced software upgrade that helps me deliver on my mission without over-taxing my fuel usage. This means that both my idle and cruising fuel usage profiles are optimized for short trips at moderate speed and frequent stop-and-go traffic. This results in lower fuel costs, greater profit margin, less CO2 emission, and better environmental sustainability.


The safety of drivers is always paramount, especially for those who are behind the wheel often. Derive uses three features to make certain that drivers are safe:

  1. Drivers always wear their seatbelts - because my ignition won’t turn on until my driver’s seatbelt is fastened!
  2. My vehicle speed is always kept at a safe rate, as determined by the fleet manager. Plus, reducing the cost of speeding tickets and having your company seen as putting safety first makes everyone happy.
  3. Using the Derive VQ mobile app, drivers can’t text or call when driving. Once I’m in a driving gear, only emergency calls or other workplace apps are accessible.

Extended vehicle life

As we’re dispatched and expected to hit the road so often, it’s essential that we’re durable and reliable. Derive limits aggressive driving - accelerating too quickly, braking too harshly - to reduce wear and tear. For example, accelerating too quickly can demand that I use a greater RPM to respond than what’s healthy for me. That’s called redlining when it gets into 6,000 RPMs and higher, and it puts strain on my engine. Since Derive upgraded my technology, I feel like a vehicle with half the miles on my odometer! They do it all from the vehicle itself, too; no driver training is required.

Customer service

Service vehicles are really customer service vehicles. So, Derive uses GPS to monitor my location, speed, and direction. When paired with a company’s workforce management software, this helps keep customers updated as to exactly when their service technician will arrive. No more waiting for hours without knowing when your plumber or cable provider will be at your door.

Derive can adjust hundreds of vehicle parameters to create customized, optimized solutions for your unique situation, and my case was no exception!