Upgrading the Family Car: A Safer Vehicle Experience For the Whole Gang

Hi! I’m the family car.

I’m bigger than the average car, and have a few features that distinguish me from other vehicles. With convenient step-in height and lots of room for kids, groceries, pets, and anything else you haul, I’m specifically designed with families in mind.

My goal isn’t to be the fastest or flashiest car on the road, and I’m not like fleet vehicles on a mission to deliver packages or carry maintenance equipment. My sole purpose is to transport families safely and comfortably from the store to school to grandma’s house—no matter what.

To keep the family even safer, my owners upgraded my operating system with Derive. It was a short, 10-minute process. Now I have a capped speed to keep my teen drivers from driving too fast—from empty residential roads to her friend’s house, to busy highways to the mall, and everything in between. Plus, my seatbelts partner with my engine to ensure that when they car is on, seat belts are on. I won’t roll out of the parking lot until my driver’s buckled in.

Also, Derive knows that texting and driving is not uniquely a teenage driver problem. Thanks to my upgrade, I disable the driver’s phone completely or can lock certain apps when the car is moving, so that the driver’s eyes stay on the road and off the phone.

As if all of this isn’t cool enough, Derive allows me to save a lot of gas, too. With reduced idle RPM, my energy levels are just as good as before but I use less fuel. When I’m waiting for soccer practice to end, and my driver just wants some AC to cool down, my idling is more efficient, so I use less fuel when I don’t need it!

Derive wants to keep family cars running safely and efficiently for all drivers, from novice teens to skilled adults. Honestly, what’s not to love?