Introducing Karl Weber and Tony Ahillas To The Derive Team

We here at Derive are thrilled to introduce our new Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Karl Weber. With over 15 years of experience providing customers with top telematics solutions, Karl is excited to join the Derive team in their vision to bring the future of telematics solutions to fleet customers.

What background and past experiences do you bring to Derive?

Much of my experience is in enterprise software and the enterprise part of sales. I first entered the space in 2008 with a small company called SageQuest, which was acquired by Fleetmatics and went public in 2012. We grew Fleetmatics to 1,100 employees and over $350M in SaaS revenue, eventually selling to Verizon for $2.4B. During this time, I helped customers understand how telematics can impact their business for the better and, subsequently, became an expert on how telematics solutions could be implemented in numerous kinds of situations. For example, a customer that oversees customer service vehicles will have entirely different requirements from their telematics solution than, say, a fleet manager of maintenance vehicles that work on powerlines. I’m excited to bring my ability to translate Derive’s capabilities (which go much deeper than delivering telematics) and guide businesses on how Derive can best suit their specific needs.

What does your day-to-day look like?

Most of my day-to-day consists of working on multiple levels to educate businesses that could really benefit from the new kinds of solutions that Derive provides, which are unlike any other out there. Ultimately, we want every fleet in the US to use our technology to be more fuel efficient, safe, intelligent, and connected. I’m hoping to redefine the telematics industry as one that demands Derive’s Active Telematics solution instead of the current telematics solutions on the market today that simply collect data. We want to really drive home Derive’s unique ability to control maximum speed, vehicle idle reactions, driver safety, and distracted driving, all complemented by industry standard dashboards.

What excites you about joining Derive?

I’ve seen dozens of ways other companies are providing telematics solutions. Derive’s solution is truly different. These days there is an increased need for telematics, yet also an excessive amount of data that isn’t providing clear solutions to fleet managers. Most systems just give a manager a report and it’s on the manager to discern what needs to then be communicated to their drivers. What the Derive VQ platform is offering is the ability to take that unnecessary step out of the equation - fleet managers can pre-set parameters with a self-managing system. This is a unique offering in the market that I really believe is redefining what telematics solutions are capable of.

In addition to this, I’m thrilled to work with a smaller team wherein my role can be cross-functional with multiple departments. I’ve already started to leverage my industry experience with my sales team while also working in tight coordination with other divisions at Derive to bring success to the entire organization.

What are some recent compelling trends you’ve uncovered?

Good question. There was a fairly recent survey conducted by Bobit on organizations that had purchased telematics solutions with revealing findings. Owners admitted that despite purchasing the telematics solution, they hadn’t reached a full ROI (for similar reasons to my previous answers). I’m happy to finally be working with Derive because we are in a unique position to offer solutions that guarantee consistently positive ROIs for our customers.

What current automotive news moments are you staying on top of or are passionate about?

Another great question. I think my answer is more general - I like following pieces related to autonomous vehicle tech. Specifically, how some describe autonomous vehicles as going to rule the world soon. I think this is actually untrue: people underestimate the time it takes for AVs to be an instrumental part of our lives. In the meantime, there are over 270 million vehicles in the US alone that do not have autonomous capabilities that people will continue to drive. What Derive is doing through the Derive VQ platform is filling that void - giving people the ability to dynamically interact with their cars, today.

Along with Karl, we are also pleased to welcome Tony Ahillas to the team as Senior Director of Enterprise Sales. Tony has been active in telematics sales and servicing for 20 years, catering especially to fleet managers and field operations groups. Both Tony and Karl will be introducing more fleet and technical field operations groups to the active telematics solutions of Derive.

Derive is fortunate to have Karl and Tony on the team. Welcome, Karl and Tony! prove operations and act on critical fleet data to get the performance they need.