Getting your teen to obey the rules of road isn’t easy, so Derive found a way to upgrade vehicles to drive safely no matter who’s behind the wheel.

You can’t program your teen to drive more safely, but with Derive you can program their car. Our team gave CNBC an exclusive first look at the solution that will give parents of teen drivers peace of mind.

This new device will keep your teen from speeding and texting while driving from CNBC.

Derive Systems gives you the tools to personalize your car’s software, enabling owners to better control how their vehicle performs. Now you can optimize your vehicle’s performance based on who’s driving. Potential upgrades go much further than preventing texting while driving and limiting the maximum speed. For example, you can also disable ignition until your teen’s seatbelt is fastened, and you can prevent distracted driving by selecting which apps are allowed to be active while the vehicle is on—it’s like having TV parental controls, but in your car instead of your living room.

Sure, you can’t “program” your teen to keep their eyes on the road, the music volume down, or the speed within safe limits, but you can program your vehicle to keep them safe behind the wheel and teach them safe driving habits. In an age when teenage driving tops the list of parental worries, a little peace of mind goes a long way.