Derive VQ: Seatbelt Dependent Start

Unsafe driving habits can create costly problems for fleet managers. Solutions that keep fleets safe behind the wheel can make a significant difference for fleet management. Alongside, Derive VQ Distracted Driver Prevention™, the Derive VQ platform provides seatbelt dependent start: a comprehensive solution to safety problems for vehicle operations management and beyond.

Derive VQ: Seatbelt Dependent Start 
With a continuous, secure vehicle connection via mobile application pairing, Derive VQ can require seatbelt use before the vehicle is turned on – a simple and definitive way to guarantee improved safety of each drive. Once a fleet manager activates the functionality through the Derive VQ device, the feature seamlessly integrates into a driver’s experience.

Driver-vehicle pairing through app: In order for the vehicle to operate, driver-vehicle pairing between the vehicle and the driver’s mobile device is required. The Derive VQ app syncs the driver’s smartphone to the Derive VQ device, thereby identifying that specific driver as the operator of that specific vehicle. With this pairing activated, all designated safety features are enabled.

Seatbelt dependency enabled: Engine ignition will be disabled until the driver’s seatbelt is fastened. With a connection between the vehicle’s computer system and the driver’s mobile phone, failing to buckle up before attempting to start the vehicle triggers a notification sent to the driver’s mobile device prompting them to fasten their seatbelt in order to start the vehicle’s engine. Once the driver’s seatbelt is fastened, engine ignition works as normal, and the driver can proceed operations.

If the seatbelt is disengaged at any time the vehicle is out of “park”, a warning sound emits from the Derive VQ device to remind the driver to buckle up. The warning sound will not change the actual operation of the vehicle -- it is only a notification from the device and is not meant to interrupt the performance of the vehicle. Permitting the driver to continue to operate the vehicle is a safety precaution for in-motion vehicles -- once the vehicle’s ignition is switched off, the seatbelt dependent start reactivates.

Example Use Cases and Statistics
Fleet Management: Now fleet operations can function with peace of mind that improved driving safety will protect their drivers and their bottom line.

  • The average cost of a loss related to fleet vehicle accidents is approximately $70,000, which is almost the cost of the average workplace injury.

Consumer Vehicle Operations: Coaching inexperienced drivers into attentive and safe drivers can be done with seatbelt dependent start on the Derive VQ platform.

Though we all know how essential seatbelt use is to reducing vehicle-related injuries and fatalities, the unfortunate results of driving without a seatbelt fastened still continues. We know that with the advanced vehicle safety functionality of the Derive VQ platform, the roads we drive on will be safer today and tomorrow than they were before.