Derive Systems Expands to Industrial Services Industry with new client Loenbro

Derive Systems, a leading automotive technology company, today announced it added Loenbro Inc., an industrial construction and services company, as a client, marking the company’s introduction to this industry.

Before fully adopting Derive’s software, Loenbro first put it to the test, calculating the fuel consumption of two 2013 Ford F-150 Crew Cab pickup trucks over two weeks. Loenbro ran the trucks under normal conditions during the first week to log baseline numbers. During the second week, the company installed Derive’s engine-tuning software, which limited the vehicle’s top speed and reduced the RPM while idling. The results were clear: the trucks saw between a 6 and 8 percent increase in fuel efficiency.

Based upon these significant savings, Loenbro contracted Derive Systems to optimize its fleet of more than 250 Ford F-150 and F-650 pickup trucks used for gas and oil field services.

“We are really excited to introduce Derive Systems to our Loenbro fleet of vehicles,” said Paul Leach, president of Loenbro Inc. “Because of Derive’s software, we will see significant savings in fuel costs for the Ford trucks we use across all our divisions.”

Tom Kanewske, Derive Systems’ vice president of business development, consulted closely with Loenbro’s Paul Leach to understand the unique challenges and goals for its fleet.

“We’re very client-centric. We worked with Loenbro to identify consistent and cost-effective vehicle performance as the most important factors to the success of this solution,” Kanewske said. “Our collaborative approach helped us provide a truly customized solution for Loenbro, ensuring optimal performance and maximum fuel savings for their trucks.”

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