Derive Systems Brings Vehicle Computing Software Challenges to DEF CON

Derive Systems challenges DEF CON engineering community to solve automotive software challenges, co-providing the grand prize with AutoNation and Car Hacking Village

Derive Systems, a leading automotive technology company, is presenting a vehicle software challenge series at underground hacking conference, DEF CON. The winning coder will receive a specially modified Ford F-150, co-provided with AutoNation, America's largest automotive retailer. Derive is excited to partner with DEF CON to explore the future of the automotive industry with the world's most elite security researchers, coders and engineers.

DEF CON's 25th annual conference invites hackers, corporate IT professionals, and government agencies to attend and participate in workshops, keynotes and contests that showcase cutting-edge hacking skills. Derive is bringing the future of automobile technology to coders as one of the only companies with the ability to write to vehicle operating systems and enable owners to personalize and optimize the way their vehicles perform. Derive Systems' challenges will push attendees to solve issues ranging from data compression to security, and explore automotive technology first-hand.

Vehicle technology and control software installed by automakers are generic systems. Derive's write-access technology can adjust the vehicle's one-size-fits-all computer depending on the owner's needs and immediately change how the vehicle performs. Cars can be optimized based on factors including fuel efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibilities, among others. Instead of relying on driver behavior, write-access technology optimizes how the vehicle performs, independent of how the vehicle is driven by its driver.

"Vehicles are digital devices and drivers are just beginning to understand that they can be personalized just like all our other personal tech," explains Marco Della Torre, Derive Systems CTO. "The ability to adapt vehicles to fit a specific use case gives owners unprecedented access to cost savings and performance control. We're excited to bring automotive technology to DEF CON's best minds and accelerate innovation in vehicle intelligence and customization software."

During the three day conference, Derive is hosting challenges at DEF CON's Car Hacking Village. The series will bring car enthusiasts and coders together to further Derive's mission of transforming the vehicle ownership experience. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with the top minds in the industry and compete for a grand prize. Derive is partnering with AutoNation to present the winning team with a specially modified Ford F-150.