Arizona Shuttle Locks in Safety and Savings With Derive Systems’ Speed Limiters

Sep 18th, 2015

Arizonspeedinga Shuttle recently deployed speed limiters from Derive Systems to ensure that their city-to-city ground transportation fleet runs efficiently and safely. As a leader in local ground transportation, Arizona Shuttle reliably delivers more than 250,000 passengers each year between Arizona’s major cities and airports; and the trust they have established with their passengers stems from their commitment to convenient, yet always safe, transit across the state.


Because customers rightfully expect nothing but the best in terms of safety and reliability, the company performs background checks on drivers and inspects vehicles on a regular basis. But Arizona Shuttle didn’t stop there. With an eye toward constant improvement, Arizona Shuttle looked to Derive for a way to lower fuel costs while also getting their customers where they need to go quickly and safely.


To cap the speed of Arizona Shuttle’s fleet of Ford vans at a level that hits the sweet spot of speed and efficiency, Derive provided a handheld programmer that electronically adjusts a vehicle’s top speed in a matter of minutes. And since Derive’s simple engine software solution doesn’t require hardware, fleets like Arizona Shuttle don’t endanger their warranties and don’t add the extra burden of complex installations onto their maintenance shops. That’s why, for companies that stake their businesses on efficiency and safety, incorporating Derive’s simple speed-limiting software is a direct route to savings and success.


For more information, contact Derive Systems at or 866-688-3048.