Inside Derive

Derive is the easiest way for people to customize the software of their car, connecting them to a smarter, more highly optimized vehicle.


The Derive Story

Almost every aspect of today’s vehicles are controlled by onboard computers programmed with a generic calibration that works for broad operating parameters. But driving isn’t one-size-fits-all. Take control of your vehicle’s fuel economy, performance, safety and sustainability with Derive System’s groundbreaking software platform. Derive software personalizes your drive by optimizing key parameters like idle RPM, speed & limiting, and shift firmness to meet your unique vehicle demands. Our technology recalibrates vehicle control software through the OBDII port, delivering a tailored driving experience for drivers, enthusiasts, and enterprise fleet personnel. Derive Efficiency software adjusts idle RPM and sets a limit on speed, helping fleets and enterprise organizations realize safety, fuel savings, and sustainability. With over 1.5 million installs of our technology platform, we’ve increased our customers’ fuel economy by up to 12 percent, reduced idle fuel consumption by 10-30 percent, and enhanced vehicle performance where needed most. Today, we’re working to help the 300 million cars currently on the road drive smarter and more efficiently, with advances like cloud-based software delivery, optimizing the family vehicle for multiple drivers, connecting car to the home, and customizing the ridesharing experience.

Our Investor

We are proud of our investor, Global Environment Fund (GEF), who supports our strategy and accelerates our growth plans.

GEF is a global alternative asset manager with approximately $1 billion in assets under management and 25-years of experience. A Washington, DC based private equity firm, GEF invests around the world in businesses that provide cost-effective solutions to pressing energy, resource and environmental challenges.