SCT and Bully Dog Introduce Derive Systems and New Products

Nov 4th, 2014

SCT and Bully Dog are Now Powered by Derive, a Software Company that Customizes a Vehicle’s Performance, Connecting Drivers to a Smarter, More Highly Optimized Vehicle.

SCT and Bully Dog, leaders in automotive calibration solutions for muscle cars, trucks, powersport applications and big rigs, introduced their new parent company, Derive Systems, today at SEMA. Derive Systems was created from the merger of SCT and Bully Dog earlier this year. Since the merger, Derive Systems has combined knowledge and resources from the two complimentary brands to build a software platform with best of the collective calibration technology. The SCT and Bully Dog brands will continue to be used in the market, with the added benefit that both brands are now able to leverage the power of Derive to offer customers unmatched tuning solutions with the greatest number of features across the widest range of vehicles in the market.

“We established Derive Systems to combine the market leading technologies and resources of the SCT and Bully Dog brands in order to offer our customers an unparalleled software solution to improve vehicle performance and the overall driving experience,” said Marissa Muller, VP of Marketing at Derive Systems. “With Derive Systems now in place and the integration between SCT and Bully Dog complete, customers will quickly see the benefits.”

SEMA will be the debut of these benefits. At the show, the following products will be highlighted:

  1. The first and only cloud-based tune delivery system will be introduced. This solution will enable custom tunes to be sent via the cloud and effortlessly installed on an SCT/Bully Dog Wi-Fi enabled programmer.
  2. For customers who customize their vehicle and want more than a pre-loaded tune, the Bully Dog GT will now offer custom tuning capabilities.
  3. On-the-fly calibration capabilities will be added to SCT’s Livewire TS, making it possible to switch power levels while driving.

“Throughout the integration, we focused on understanding our customers’ needs and discovering how our combined companies can best serve customers by putting their needs first. In addition to a newly-enhanced customer service department, we are also excited to begin introducing a number of new products and offerings at SEMA that are a result of our customer-first approach. We are committed to making it easier and faster for our customers to derive greater power, torque, fuel economy, and control from their vehicles,” added Muller.

Many traditional SCT customers already see the benefits from the power of Derive Systems. Here is what they have to say:

“The cloud tune delivery system is going to simplify and expedite our transfer of calibrations,” said Brent White, Owner of Brenspeed. “We spend a good amount of time each week emailing calibration files to customers and helping them get our custom calibrations installed on their programmers. Now we can easily and quickly send them electronically.”

“Cloud based tune delivery will allow our customers to receive their tunes faster, while allowing our calibrators to work more efficiently,” said Category Manager Chris Biegel from American Muscle/Bama Performance.

SCT and Bully Dog are showcasing products and demoing the software at their three booths at SEMA, booth 21333, 37028 and outside at 61140.

About Derive Systems

Derive Systems is the new parent company to SCT, Bully Dog and the fleet division, Derive Efficiency. Established after the merger of SCT and Bully Dog, Derive Systems is a software company that unlocks the power to customize a vehicle’s performance, connecting drivers to a smarter, more highly optimized vehicle. SCT and Bully Dog are flagship brands under Derive Power, offering software to improve horsepower, torque and overall drivability. Derive Efficiency offers a corporate fleet solution for maximum savings and safety. Learn more at