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Derive Efficiency

With respect to any Covered Claim, Seller will indemnify the Owner for an amount equal to the cost to repair or replace the Covered Component(s), including the replacement of lost fluids; provided, however, the limit of Seller's indemnification liability here under with regard to any particular Vehicle is $25,000 for the engine, $3,000 for the electronic control module (ECM), and $2,000 for towing/recovery; provided, however, that notwithstanding the specific dollar limitations above, the aggregate maximum indemnification limit per Vehicle shall in no event exceed $30,000 per Vehicle. Further, notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, this indemnification undertaking only pertains to Owner's actual out-of-pocket costs incurred (up to the above-stated limits) and then only to the extent the same would have been covered by the Manufacture's Warranty but for (i) its claim that Seller's Software Solution voided the otherwise-available coverage under the Manufacturer's Warranty or (ii) the expiration of the Manufacturer's Warranty prior to or during the one-year period following the original installation of the Software Solution on the Vehicle.

If any Products supplied by Seller to Buyer shall not meet the foregoing warranties during the Warranty Period, or if any calibration/software solution provided by Seller along with the Products (a "Software Solution") shall fail to properly load, then Seller shall either, at Seller's election, provide a replacement Product to Buyer repair such defective Product or otherwise remedy such non-compliance and/or failure to load or promptly refund the entire purchase price for such Products and Software Solution to Buyer.

Replacement, repair or maintenance services will be performed by Seller (or its appointed agent), at Seller's cost, if such replacement, repair or maintenance is required or necessitated because any Products shall fail to conform with the warranty provisions stated in this Limited Warranty. Provided that a claim has been made during the Warranty Period, any such replacement, repair or maintenance services shall be provided to Buyer at no additional cost or expense until such time as the Products and the Software Solution shall conform to this Limited Warranty or a refund has been made to Buyer

** Disclaimer: This represents a small portion of the warranty. Please contact us at 866.688.3048 for full warranty details..


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