Derive Efficiency Helps Port St. Lucie’s Police Fleet Increase Efficiency and Fuel Savings

Feb 12th, 2016

SANFORD, Fla.  – Derive Systems, an automotive fleet engine software developer, recently collaborated with the Port St. Lucie Police Department, which serves Florida’s ninth largest city, to complete a pilot program aimed at improving the fleet’s overall efficiency and performance.

The award-winning Port St. Lucie Police Department has been recognized as one of the nation’s top 100 fleets and ran a 90-day pilot program on a portion of their fleet to test the effectiveness of Derive Efficiency’s optimized engine calibration technology. The outcomes of this program showed a significant reduction in carbon emissions, including:

  • 12 percent reduction in idle fuel consumption
  • More than 11 percent decrease in total spending on fuel
  • Carbon footprint reduction of 200 pounds per vehicle per month

“Derive Efficiency software is capable of increasing efficiency in a variety of ways, but for law enforcement vehicles, the biggest savings come from lowering idle RPM,” said Tom Kanewske, Senior Director for Business Development, Derive Systems. “Because of the nature of police work, vehicles must sit for lengthy periods of time in idle waiting for the moment when they need to jump into action. By recalibrating engine software, the Port St. Lucie Police Department can see major fuel savings without sacrificing performance or safety.”

The Port St. Lucie department has decided to roll out with 70+ calibrations for its initial order as a result of the successful pilot program. Compared to other alternative fuel solutions, Derive’s innovative software provides the greatest value and has a much shorter ROI time than hardware solutions. These savings are important for Port St. Lucie Police Chief Bolduc, who oversees a $34 million budget, 285 police personnel and 343 volunteers, because it allows him to allocate more funds to other key needs of the department.

“It is important for police departments to uncover new ways to lower operation costs and invest in more environmentally-friendly practices,” says Bolduc. “But by doing so, we must ensure that the most important factor of police work is not compromised, which is being able to serve and protect the public to the best of our ability, and Derive Efficiency provides us with the right tools to do that.”

About Derive Systems

Since 2003, Derive Systems has been producing engine fuel savings software that saves both public and private fleets millions of dollars. Derive shifts the responsibility for improved fleet performance from the driver to the vehicle. Its Derive Efficiency software makes changes to a vehicle’s powertrain calibration allowing it to idle at a lower RPM, meaning less fuel consumption, lower cost and a smaller carbon footprint. More than 50,000 vehicles are on the road using Derive Efficiency including fleets from Pepsi, Sears, ARS Rescue Rooter and many law enforcement agencies and government municipalities.

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