BrightView Thinks Big and Bold to Get More Green

Mar 11th, 2016

The DeriverGetting bigger doesn’t mean you can’t also become more nimble. Case in point: the hard work that BrightView, North America’s largest landscaping firm, has put in to its efficiency and  sustainability efforts, including its recently completed fuel efficiency pilot program.

Many large companies have to be dragged into green efforts, but BrightView has always been committed to doing right by the Earth that serves as the basis of their business. For BrightView, sustainability goes beyond seeking out native plants, efficient water management and organic fertilizer. The company also looks to operations efficiency and sustainable fleet management practices to further its green efforts and improve its bottom line.

The recently completed pilot program measured the effectiveness of lowering idle RPM and limiting top speed on BrightView’s fleet of landscaping trucks. BrightView’s idle efficiency efforts involve both an adjustment of idle RPM as well as limiting top speed to 65 miles per hour. The pilot was conducted in Chicago, and results were very encouraging. Using Derive idle efficiency and speed limiting technologies, BrightView’s trucks saved nearly 20% on fuel while in idle and got more than 11% better mileage per gallon.

Results show that over an 8-hour day, each of BrightView’s vehicles will save around a gallon of fuel, but BrightView expects even better results in areas with more free-flowing highway traffic. BrightView also chose Derive’s idle efficiency solution because it is quick and easy to implement. A handheld programmer uses the OBDII port to calibrate the engine to idle at an RPM that saves fuel but still provides the performance the fleet requires. speed limiters set a top speed for the vehicle by adjusting the truck’s factory electronic control module setting.

The pilot, conducted on Ford F-450s with 6.8-liter V-10 engines, demonstrated that 11 trucks, calibrated to run efficiently, will remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as 15 full grown trees.

“Our commitment to sustainability is the cornerstone of our business,” says John Sarkis, senior director of fleet operations at BrightView. “Derive’s idle RPM and speed limiting technologies have helped us set a new standard for fuel efficiency in our fleet operations.”

BrightView is the result of the merger of Brickman Group and ValleyCrest, creating a $2 billion company with more than 22,000 employees – and over 140 years combined experience. To find out more about the company’s sustainability efforts, please visit their website.

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