January 2020 fleet news roundup

Welcome to the first fleet news roundup of 2020! We saw a lot of stories on driver behavior and safety, planning for 2020, and reviewing your operation’s policies and providers. In case you missed them, here are our picks for the top five articles in fleet news this month.

8 key questions fleets should ask potential suppliers

Planning to partner up with new vendors or technology providers this year? See what eight questions you should ask before signing any contracts.

Fleet metrics to track in 2020

Are you tracking the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure your   fleet’s performance and success this year? From fuel metrics to vehicle metrics, learn more about the data you need to keep on top of in 2020.

Is right-sizing your fleet all that important? The answer is yes and here’s why

Read up on the four key components of a right-sized fleet, no matter if you have 10 vehicles or 10,000, and why right-sizing your fleet is so important for a productive, revenue-driving year.

Automating safety in your fleet

Make safety a priority in your fleet by automating it and ensuring compliance with every policy across all of your drivers. Read on to discover how to automate seven safety features in your fleet!

Avoiding accidents with defensive driving

Keep drivers safe on the road by reminding drivers of these five safe driving practices.

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